About RMC

We are designers, fabricators, retailers, service people, and marketers all rolled into one tight little company. If it has to do with our business, mailboxes, then we are striving to be the best at it. We take an education from college professors and student groups, postmasters, letter carriers and research. But mainly we get an education from you, our esteemed customer.  Whether you are a homeowner or community developer, we are listening and we are learning and we are putting together just exactly what you want.

The mailbox posts you see on this website are built right here in our shop using steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and castings. We are a little biased, but we feel we are building some of the absolute finest mailbox stands available. Each part is powder coated (an electrostatic baked on vinyl coating) and all fasteners are either brass or stainless steel.

Other products and services include:

  • Security Mfg. CBUs and commercial boxes
  • Streetscape’s handmade brass mailboxes
  • Still River and Heintze copper boxes
  • Gaines Mfg. die cast aluminum mailboxes
  • Whitehall Products boxes and signs
  • Bluegrass Woods (Bacova) fiberglass boxes
  • Installations of posts and CBUs in the Lynchburg area
  • Proficient and experienced with postal regulations